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Offshore asset protection has often been deemed as the domain of only the wealthy who have millions to protect. People often think of it only in terms of money or offshore banking or offshore forex managed account programs and they miss the other aspects of this strategy for both wealthy and average people.

But if you define assets first and then look at how protecting them outside of your country is easily attainable then you will gain a whole new perspective on a strategy that you thought was only for the rich.

Your assets include your life, liberty, family, land, precious metals, brokerage accounts, bank accounts, and businesses. Everyone has at least several of these and gaining offshore asset protection is just as important for you as it is for the wealthy.

Since many people are setting up an online business these days they deserve to shield their business assets and income through the use of one of our offshore company formations via our discount offshore llc formation package or Belize ibc that are both based in very secure and private jurisdictions that are far far away. Through the use of this they can shield their business from predatory lawyers and governments and the damaging consequences of law suits etc.

The average person also has online securities and can lose them easily by going bankrupt or they can lose them through a simple lawsuit. If you liquidate those securities back home, and transfer the money to an offshore brokerage account that your overseas llc or Belize ibc owns, then you will have the offshore asset protection you need from the dangers that are present in your failing economy and society. **

The same can be said for the money you hold in a bank account in your home town. If you go bankrupt because of rising energy costs and the loss of your job etc. then liens on your bank accounts can rob you of your nest egg. Lawsuits can also wipe you out. That is why you need offshore asset protection through the use of one of our offshore company formations such as an llc or a Belize ibc which can be the owner of those offshore bank accounts.

Precious metals held back home also are problematic. It has historically been common for debt ridden governments to confiscate the private gold of their citizens when times really got bad. So if you made the mistake of paying with anything but cash when you bought your precious metals, then I suggest that you purchase our offshore llc or our cheap Belize ibc package and set up a couple of international precious metals accounts that you can send your money to in order to hold your precious metals safely. This will be safe diversification for your future. **

In regards to protecting your property, I suggest that you place your house, car, and other possessions in the name of your overseas llc so that the ownership is taken out of your name and put into the name of the company. If someone wants to take them from you then they will have to fly thousands of miles to appear in court on a sovereign island nation in order to fight your company to take possession of your assets. I suggest that you use one llc for just your property and the other llc or a cheap Belize ibc for the other assets mentioned above. Discounts are given if you purchase two or more offshore asset protection structures from us.

If you like to invest in real estate then purchasing offshore property is a good way to diversify your property holdings and make a private investment offshore. There are a number of different possibilities, but be sure and do careful due diligence before purchasing property in this way since there are many real estate agents out there who can rip you off if you are not careful. We have found a trusted web site for excellent Belize real estate deals. Look for real estate in Belize and contact a trusted offshore real estate agent listed on the following website for properties in Palm Bay Club on Ambergris Caye where the best property deals currently exist on this island of expats offshore from the mainland of Belize.

Finally, how do you protect your life and liberty using an offshore asset protection strategy? You do it by finding out how to get a second passport from one of the sovereign countries that Freedom Offshore Services has picked out for you. While other companies will want to take thousands of dollars from you to introduce you to the lawyers who can help you obtain one, we charge only a little introduction fee for our service to you as we are trying to help the average person protect the life and liberty of their whole family. With a cheap second passport you will be able to protect every family member.

It is the goal of Freedom Offshore Services to present to you inexpensive offshore asset protection tools and strategies in the areas of offshore company formations, offshore banking, passports, portable retirement plans, and other liberty enhancing products and services that are being added now and in the future. Please find our EZINE ARTICLES EXPERT AUTHOR seal of approval below.

** This is not an offer or solicitation to

sell securities. See legal page by clicking on disclaimer below.

James Bauman Ph.D., Basic Author



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